Friday, 28 May 2010

The Bar Society Game On Facebook

If I am not mistaking, The Bar Society Facebook app has just been launched yesterday, 27 May 2010. I am proud to say that I am one of the first few players to try this new game.
First look: Hmm... there's nothing really special about this game. The idea behind Bar Society is somehow similar to Nightclub City with a number of twists.

The similarities between these two games:

1.] You need bars and bartenders to keep the party going
2.] Dance floor

The twists:

1.] You need waitresses/waiters in Bar Society to serve drinks
2.] Bar Society has a drink list where you can choose a specific drink to serve your customers. Different drinks have different preparation lengths and different prices
3.] In Bar Society, your bartenders do not only serve drinks, they prepare them, too. I love watching the bartenders perform their acts. So cute!
4.] Unlike in Nightclub City, you have to assign friends as your bar's employees
5.] You do not need a DJ to keep your dancefloor groovin' in Bar Society
6.] There is an option for players to send gifts to neighbors

So far, these are the first points I've noticed while playing Bar Society for the first time.

Interested to try Bar Socieyt? Check the Bar Society app here.

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