Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Big Bang Theory's The Spaghetti Catalyst

The Big Bang Theory's latest episode [Season 3 Episode 20] subtitled as The Spaghetti Catalyst is filled with so much fun! It is in this episode where I've seen a new side of Sheldon who is trying to start a good friendly relationship with Leonard's ex-, Penny.

Synopsis for "The Big Bang Theory" The Spaghetti Catalyst:

"Sheldon (Jim Parsons) needs to get his mail but doesn't want to approach Penny (Kaley Cuoco) at the mailboxes. He'll have to get it telepathically, and Sheldon immediately corrects her to the term telekinetically. Sheldon is uncertain what the protocols for talking with Penny since she and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) are no longer having coitus...or not seeing each other, as the rest of the planet would say. Penny says they can still be friends, and he can't use the word 'coitus.' Or intercourse, or fornication.....

As usual, Sheldon is hilarious in this episode while Leonard is still obviously in pain [but in denial of it] after his break up with his one and only Penny.

One of the funniest part of this episode is when Sheldon tries to show his support to his best friend Leonard by showing the "L" sign. Well of course, Sheldon obviously relates the letter L to Leonard but to the viewers, the message being delivered is the... you know... Leonard is a loser. Oh my! So funny!

And if you are wondering... yup! Sheldon uses the magic word "Bazinga!" in this episode. I am sure you'll never miss it!

Note: The photo above is taken by MONTY BRINTON – © 2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

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