Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bingo - Virtual Game, Virtual Friends, Genuine Fun!

My friends and I gather at least twice a month to play Bingo together. Well, that is when before I've migrated to Sweden. Nowadays, I mostly play Bingo online. It's strange though. At first, my first thought is that playing Bingo online will just make me realize how alone I have become today. However, it hasn't taken so much time for me to get adjusted with the situation. Playing online Bingo has actually helped me gain a number of friends. We just do not play the game, we also chat at the same time and make fun of each other.

Technology has indeed made it possible to bring people and strangers together. Never in my wildest dreams that I will one day find myself playing Bingo with strangers on the other end of the internet without feeling uncomfortable about it. Through the years, it has been proven and tested that Bingo, whether online or offline is a fun way to be around with friends [and even virtual friends]. It's definitely a good pastime to take boredom away.

If one day you find yourself staring at the emptiness of space, lonely and feeling dull, give online Bingo a chance. Try it! Maybe all you need is some Bingo fun and some virtual friends to cheer you up!


  1. Hey no smileys here! ;)

  2. I dunno how to play Bingo! It's like everywhere and I bet it's simple...but dunno how to play he he! :)

  3. Happy Friday Maxi, time to chill out and enjoy da weekend! :)

  4. Hello Mar! Happy Friday to you,too!

  5. Bingo is an easy game! One day, I'll teach you. Probably when I get to visit Malaysia? *wink*

  6. Yup. Sorry. I do not know why there's no smileys here. Will check out my js-kit set up later. mwahugs!


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