Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cafe Life: A New Facebook Game

It's already past 1 in the morning and I am still wide awake. Lo, my boyfriend's best mate has arrived some hours ago and will be staying with us for some days. The boys are still up and playing a number of PS3 games so I've decided to log in to Facebook and see if there are some new interesting apps released within the week. While doing my search, I've seen a Cafe Life invite on one of my friends' walls. As usual, out of curiosity I've accepted the invite and started playin' at once.
First impression: CUTE! Oh my! The characters/avatars look so cutieliciously adorable!

Cafe Life has been initially released on the 10th of May [Monday]. I've gone through the Cafe Life Facebook Fan Page and obviously, since the game is still very young, it has been having some loading issues which of course the makers are trying to fix.

The idea of Cafe Life is almost the same as other café/restaurant Facebook apps/games.
  • You allow the Cafe Life app to access your Facebook account
  • Open your own café
  • Hire a friend to work for you
  • Check the recipe book by clicking an empty oven and choose the recipe you want to prepare for your customers/guests. Most of the recipes are locked in the beginning but as your café levels up, the recipes will unlock along.
  • Wait until the recipe's done
  • Add some finishing touches
  • Serve
  • Clean your oven
  • Check the recipe book again and start baking once more!
Simple, right? If you are still lost, do not worry, you will have a hostess to help you during the first few minutes of the game.
There will also be a drink machine that's going to be provided for you. Use it to make coffee recipes. The steps in brewing coffee are the same as baking so I am pretty sure that you will not get lost when preparing those cups of hot coffee for your customers.

Visit your friends' café shops and find some lost purses. Post a "lost and found" note to your wall and receive bonuses whenever your friends claim it.

As of now, these are the basics in playing Cafe Life. Keep on baking and serving those yummylicious cakes and aromaticacious cups of coffee to level up! By levelling up, you will not only be unlocking recipes, you will also be unlocking some functional items such as ovens, counters and drink machines.

If you want to try Cafe Life, you can check the Cafe Life app here.

If you want to check out Cafe Life's discussion board, proceed here.

Enjoy Cafe Life friends! Until then. It's nighty nighty time for me! Hugsie!

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  1. Hi! What's up with the game? I use to always send extra servings during the day - now it only allows me to send once a day! no fun! Why did it change?


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