Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Cakeshop Dream

While playing the Baking Life app on Facebook, I suddenly remembered that day I spent with my brother and mom in a huge kitchen equipment store. My younger brother just graduated
from his four-year BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management course and was still on his first few weeks of internship in the kitchen of one of the city's five star hotels. He was ambitious enough [he always is] to whisper to me his dream of running his own cakeshop one day. As his only sister and number one fan, I joined him on his quest to one day put that cakeshop dream into reality.

Of course, the dream started with baby steps. The visit to that kitchen appliance store with our mom was the very first step we did together. We looked for the necessary kitchen tools and machines he might be buying one day and we, too spent some time in studying the prices.

There were three things he couldn't seem to get his mind off from: a particular commercial refrigerator, a refrigerated deli and display case and a specific countertop planetary mixer.

At that very early stage, he already knew the specifics of the commercial refrigerator he would want to have in his bakeshop. He wanted a three section refrigerator that comes with glass sliding doors. The shelves should be adjustable and PVC coated. It also should come with a seal self-closing door feature in order to avoid the refrigerator's cold temperature from leaking out.

My brother did not mentioned much about the refrigerated display case he would wish to have however, he made it a point that it should be equipped with ample amount of lights and that it must come with an automatic defrost system.

Since my brother is so much into baking, he expects to have a powerful countertop mixer with a pop-up head, safety cut-off feature and of course, the bowl has to be made of stainless steel.

My younger brother's own bakeshop still remains a dream in the making. But one day, he'll get what there... that I am definite about.

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