Monday, 3 May 2010

Tips On How To Get More Nightclub City Money

Are you still having difficulties earning some Nightclub City dollars? Worry no more! Maybe you haven't heard of the new features yet being introduced to players a few days back. So here's how you can get more Nightclub City money/coins the easy way. Read through and follow these very easy steps so you can earn extra $$$ [depending on your club's level] when visiting a friend's club:

First, visit a friend's club.

Second, click on the Bar Supplies + button [refer to the photo below] and you'll be given extra $$$ for restocking your friend's Bar Supplies. The higher your level = bigger reward.

Third, check if your friend's club is in need of a guest DJ. If you see a white arrow pointing to the record icon [please refer to the photo below], it means that your friend is asking you to guest DJ for the club for the meantime.

Fourth, if you wish to guest DJ, click on the record icon and finish a set. After one [1] minute, you will be rewarded with an awesome $$$ [ This amount depends on which level you are in]!
The maximum number of neighbors you can restock bar supplies and perform as guest DJ is 30.

Also remember that not all of your Nightclub City neighbors are in need of guest DJs but if they do, you'll be earning a great amount of cash for doing both without sweat!

So now, the more neighbors you have the more $$$ you will be earning each day! If you are still having troubles looking for new neighbors, just proceed to the Nightclub City's Facebook page --- that's where you'll find a lot of people looking for more neighbors/friends!

P.S. I've reached LEVEL 43 this morning and my reward for guest DJ-ing is already$18,300/club while refilling my neighbors' bar supplies gives me $4,100 each. Sweet!

Other tips to increase your earnings in Nightclub City:

Does my club earn more online or offline?
Answer: Definitely ONLINE. So if you want to earn more Nightclub City cash in a shorter period of time, just let the game run on the background so as not to interrupt with your other daily activities.

Maximize the luxury of your club. You can do this by adding more decorations to your club. The higher the luxury level, the happier your guests will be. Happy guests = more tips!

Keep your club's popularity high. Do this by increasing the luxury of your club and by paying celebrities to drop by your club. The higher the popularity, the more guests your club will have. More guests = more earnings!

Buy bars that have high drink price. Also choose booths that have high drink and booking prices.

Purchase DJ Booths with long set/playing hours. This will give you more freedom to do other stuff before needing to revisit your club and start a new set. The longer the set, the more time you'll get to accommodate guests = more money!

Increase the capacity of your bar storage/supply. You can do this by placing bar storage cases inside your bar and by choosing a bar with high a storage boost. The more bar supplies you have, the higher the earnings.

Move your club to either New York or Las Vegas where you can earn more Nightclub City cash. [New York: higher cover charges and drink prices. Las Vegas: more club clients and more guests who are willing to spend their money on drinks]

It is my personal choice to assign my bartenders in performing bar tricks. This way, my club will receive bigger tips from customers.

As much as possible, do the "Bass Drop" to make your club clients proceed to your bar and buy drinks.

Lastly, complete missions and earn achievements. You'll be receiving rewards per mission completed. You can read about this topic here.

That's it! By the way, do not forget to have patience, too. Levelling up in Nightclub City isn't that easy to do as one needs millions of Nightclub City dollars before stepping onto the next level.

Have a great time Nightclub City-ing and enjoy earning a few thousand dollars more!


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