Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Social City iPhone App

I was one of the many who jumped for joy by the time I learned about the Social City iPhone app. Because it's a free app, I did not hesitate to install it at once on my iPhone. The great thing was that, I received two great bonuses after completing the installation process. First was the Cell Tower and the second reward was 5 City Bucks. Yipee!!!
There are four good points about the Social City iPhone app:

One, "harvesting" population can now be done by the time it's ready. It no longer matters whether you are away from your lappy or desktop. Just check your app's Residential menu and start harvesting new population.

Two, cleaning those filthy looking leisure buildings is just one click away. Having this feature in this iPhone app allows me to clean and collect more bonuses each day.

Three, you are given an option to get an alert message when a certain contract is ready. No more wasted coins!

Four, I can earn Free City Bucks by trying some iPhone apps. You can check the available apps on the app's City Bucks button.

However, however, however, I really DO NOT LIKE the fact that it costs City Bucks to collect on contracts. Yes... lame, isn't it? As of now, I need to use 2 City Bucks [good for one day] or 8 City Bucks [for one week] for me to collect the ready contracts. Since I do not have enough City Bucks on my account, I can either Buy City Bucks or wait until I get my hands on my computer. The way I see it, this feature is really annoying.

Oh, before I take a blogging pause soon, just one more thing... NOPE, you cannot see the layout of your city in this Social City iPhone app. All you get are buttons [Factories, Leisures, Residentials, City Bucks, etc.]. For you to see your city, rearrange buildings, buy buildings, accept gifts and give gifts, you have to log in on your lappy or desktop.

Well, that's it for now. If you love Social City and you have an iPhone, at least download the app. Remember, you'll get a free Cell Tower and 5 City Bucks just by doing so!

Until then! Ciao!

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  1. ate maxi!!!!! mishu!!

    these are indeed great apps..but sad to say, dunn hav ifon!LOL!


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