Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Millionaire City Facebook Game

Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate is a new Facebook app. Launched just days ago [19 May 2010] this game shows a lot of potential!

I started playing Millionaire City yesterday afternoon. My first thought was,"Oh... just another town/city app...." and sighed. It turned out that I was wrong.
Millionaire City isn't a complicated game. You run your city by building residential units, commerces, roads, etc. You earn coins by collecting rentals, incomes from your commerces, helping neighbors and completing missions.

One thing that you must remember when playing this game is that you can not rearrange or move the buildings and other city items around. If you one day realize that a certain object is not strategically situated, you have to delete/destroy the item and build the new one you desire. Building new items will cost you loads of coins so before investing your coins into new buildings and commerces, try to plan your strategy first.

I am still a rookie in this game but I am already on level 8 with a company value of more than $2,000,000. Not bad, huh?

I look forward to more Millionare City game updates soon. I sure hope that a feature where we will be able to rotate the buildings will be added for better layout and fun!

Want to start playing the game? Click here!


Note: If you want to get more tips and meet other Millionaire City players, feel free to check the Millionaire City Fan Page on Facebook or the Millionaire City Forum Page.

Update as of 10 September 2010:

For the Millionaire City Complete Housing Guide and Tenants, please proceed here.


  1. Hi Maxi!

    I haven't been on FB much lately, but I did see someone mention this game on their wall.

    I would like to sell a company for $2 million and get real money out of it. LOL!

    Have a great weekend my very dear blugging friend!

  2. Thanks for the RT, blugging firend!!!

  3. I wish we could make real money out of it! Oh my!

    Have a great weekend, too my blugging friend!


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