Friday, 28 May 2010

Nightclub City: The Club Expansion/Upgrade Feature

Four days ago, I've posted about my nightclub reaching the last level, 40 [you can read the post here]. Just like a lot of you out there who enjoy playing this Facebook app, I also believe that the creators of Nightclub City will add more levels to make the game more exciting --- and we're right!

Just today, 28 May 2010, Nightclub City has added a new feature --- a club expansion! Exciting, isnt it? If you are at level 40 just like me, you need to reach level 60 in order to get the 24x24 VIP club expansion. But if you are in a hurry and of course, have the money then you can expand your club anytime you want at a price of 100 Facebook credits.

Okey. So for people like me who are not willing to pay real money to expand, all we need to do is level up, level up and level up!

Question is: How do we level up to 60?
My answer: I do not really know!
I've spent some time figuring out how to get myself out of level 40. I am still stuck at the 40th level and it's too frustrating. I guess, the error is in the part of the creators. They've seemed to forget about opening up some more levels for the players to reach 60. *sigh* [Come on Nightclub City developers! Please wake up!]

Anyway, for all the players out there, just keep the music playing and the bars refilled. I am certain that this issue is going to be fixed soon [I hope].

Until next time Nightclub City pipz!!!


  1. sounds interesting! but i don't play any Facebook games :-P

  2. enjoy ur weekend sweetie! *HUGS*

  3. SAme to you, Monica! Enjoy!

  4. Yup. Interesting!

  5. Hello hello Monica!

  6. i was stuck on level 40, i had to use cheats for getting to level 45!


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