Monday, 24 May 2010

Nightclub City's Last Level

As of today, 24 May 2010, the highest/last level of the Nightclub City game on Facebook is 40. I've reached level 40 this morning and is a bit disappointed. *sigh* How I wish that there are more levels for the gamers to aim for.
My disappointment doesn't mean though that I am quitting the game. Since at the moment, I am at the end of the road, I'll simply slow down a bit until the creators of Nighclub City will add some more levels to spice up the game a little more. I am definite that the creators of this game will come up with more features and create more options later on. Just like the rest of those who've reached level 40 already, I'll be happy to sit down with you and wait!


  1. how did u get 2 level 40

  2. how come my cheat engine dont work on nightclub city ive followed instructions and shizzle but it dont work ????????????


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