Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Phoenix Salerno Luxury Inset Bath - Our Dream Tub!

I do not have anything against the bathtub that we have in our apartment. For the past two years and 10 months, it has been my tiny cabin of comfort especially during the very cold Swedish winter months. I love dipping my body in a warm bubble bath until I no longer feel cold and freezing. By the time I step out of the tub, I feel refreshed and revitalized --- ready to face the world again.

But of course, if given the opportunity, I want to have the old bathtub replaced by a luxury bath that is furnished with inline heater, jets with different speed for back and foot massage, air flow controls and of course, it must be able to accommodate two people. I've long dreamed of spending a relaxing bath time with my Bebe. However, with the type of bathtub we have for now, it's impossible to share the tub together.

I have been flipping some pages of bathroom accessories online the other night when I suddenly bumped onto the Phoenix Salerno Luxury Inset Bath. This luxury bath [as shown on the photo to your left] is the perfect one for us! With its Airpool and Whirlpool system features, my boyfriend and I will definitely have a wonderful bath moment. To make our bath time more romantic, we'll just light up a few scented candles and open a glass of champagne. With this luxury bath in our bathroom, it will definitely be Valentine's Day everyday!

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