Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Roberto Coin Family Owned

Roberto Coin is a line of luxury jewelry designed and crafted in Vicenza, Italy by the company founder, Roberto Coin. The Roberto Coin company is fairly new, having started its own line of products in 1996. Prior to that Roberto Coin produced high quality jewelry for other companies, choosing to supply the market rather than compete with it. This gave Roberto Coin time to become established and develop its name among its clientele and among collectors of hand crafted jewelry.

Number One in Italy

This marketing strategy worked well and after 19 years Roberto Coin stopped designing for other jewelers and launched their own exclusive line of gold and diamond jewelery. Four years later they were ranked number 7 among worldwide jewelers. They continued to rise in popularity. Just 2 years later they were listed as the number one jeweler in Italy. Today Roberto Coin has boutiques in 7 worldwide locations and offers its jewelry collections through hundreds of dealers and department stores--and on the Internet.

Prolific Jewelry Company

Though their diamond and gold jewelery collections remain very popular, they are also well known for their ruby and rubillite collections. Their design and crafting methods are based on old-world Italian master crafting traditions combined with modern metal working techniques.

Perhaps the most important ingredient to the success of Roberto Coin jewelry is that they carry their lines of jewelry for several years, making small changes to the design rather than discontinuing it, as other jewelers do. Roberto Coin introduces about 600 new pieces each year, making it one of the most prolific jewelry design companies in the world.

With boutiques in North America, Europe and Asia, Roberto Coin jewelry continues to be a favorite among the jet setting and celebrity crowd and to set the world standard for diamond, gold and ruby jewelry.

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