Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Millionaire City: New Features Poll

I really appreciate it a lot when app developers create polls for future app features. Just a minute ago, the developers of the very addictive Millionaire City [MC] Facebook app has launched a poll where the players will definitely influence the upcoming app upgrades. As a consistent player of MC, I've had my vote counted [will not reveal here what feature I've selected though].

Anyway, you can choose between:
Free Gifting310.00%
Ability to move Houses for free1756.67%
Ability to move Houses for a cost310.00%
Rate Cities with 1-5 stars00%
Automatic Rent Collector620.00%
Customize HQ with country flags etc.

As of today, Millionaire City has over 26,000 Facebook fans and basing on the chart above, there are only 29 who have had their voices heard up to this moment.

If you enjoy the game, vote now and become a part of the feature app upgrades! You can visit the poll here.

Happy Millionaire City-ing everyone!

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  1. Thank you very very much Susan for the RT! Have a pretty day!


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