Friday, 4 June 2010

Nightclub City: Club Expansion Feature Update

Finally, the long wait is almost over!

When the Nightclub City [NC] game developers first launched the game's expansion feature, the players were upset about it obviously because we were all stuck at level 40 [read the post about it here]! Almost 18 hours ago, NC released a new nightclub theme, a new feature and a very interesting announcement.

1.] The New Theme: Sub-Aquatica

2.] New Feature - Gift Giving/Sending

3.] The Interesting Announcement - that the developers of the NC Facebook app has finally heard our request! Along with the new theme and new feature, the developers announces that NEW LEVELS AND EXPANSIONS are coming soon. It's about time!
While waiting for the release of the "new levels and expansions" feature on Nightclub City, I suggest that you keep your dance floor groovin' and the drinks flowin'. I have this not-so-weird-feeling that the expansions will cost us a huge amount of NC coins so better save a lot of coins now!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Maxi!

    I haven't seen this one on FB, but that likely is because I'm not very active there either.

    I'm back to New York again today.

    See ya later my very dear blugging friend!


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