Thursday, 17 June 2010

Restaurant City's Newest LOUNGE Theme And The New LOUNGE BAR Feature

Just when I thought I was totally over the Restaurant City [RC] Facebook app, the game proved me wrong... again!

I stopped playing RC for almost a month. After the developers introduced the Japanese theme and had it going for [I guess] three weeks, I got really bored. After I had my restaurant decorated with the Japanese theme, unlocked the Sushi Bar and had all the Japanese dishes reached level 10, I suddenly could not find the interest to get back on the game.

On the photo below: my Japanese-themed restaurant in Restaurant City
However, this morning after logging in to Facebook, I noticed my friends posting on their walls regarding their success in unlocking the NEW LOUNGE BAR. I went.... "What? A new feature?" I stopped everything that I was doing and proceeded to the RC app to check out what the buzz was all about.

The newly released Lounge Bar:
How to get the Lounge Bar in Restaurant City?
It's simple. All you need to do is to master the Coco Colada recipe [unlock it to level 10] and presto!.... You get the Lounge Bar at no extra cost.

The Lounge Bar can accommodate/serve up to three [3] customers. However, in order to unlock more seats, you need to master more drinks. You also need to hire a bartender to keep your Lounge Bar running so do not forget to assign a friend for the job!

How to get/unlock an additional employee?
Unfortunately, after unlocking the lounge bar the players aren't given an additional employee which means you have to assign one of your waiters or chefs to become your bartender. THE GOOD NEWS IS: you will be able to hire one more friend to work in your restaurant if you master [reach level 10] the Strawberry Heaven drink. So go and master Strawberry Heaven ASAP!

Since the developers of the RC game has introduced the POSH/LOUNGE THEME today, aside from successfully getting my restaurant's Lounge Bar, I've also come up with the decision to put the Japanese theme behind. The POSH THEME items look really nice and I can't but help myself from redecorating all over again. It's just a relief to know that I have more than enough coins saved up to buy all the new items/furniture I've wanted!

Anyhoooo.... here's my newest restaurant design [click photos to enlarge]:

The interior design as a whole:
Introducing, The Lounge Bar:
The indoor waiting area and the men's and ladies' rooms: I honestly like the combination of the black and white walls for my restaurant's toilets. The result's amazing! The black and white couch also creates a relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful, isn't it?
The dining and the kitchen area: I've always wanted my dining area to have tables can accommodate one [for guests who dine alone], two [for couples] and groups [for families, friends and colleagues]. I really like the glossy black tables as they really look so posh! The group tables also look amazing! I so love them! I've covered my restaurant's kitchen using black dividers and black divider blocks which really blend well with the whole theme of the restaurant.
I've kept the restaurant's garden really simple with flowers, a koi pond and water tiles.
All in all, I have to say that I am happy with my restaurant's new POSH theme and overalldesign. The only disappointment I've done is when I've purchased the HOST for five [5] Playfish Cash which unfortunately does not really look good at all. The host doesn't move at all! I've then decided to not use my host at all and just place it back to my "stockroom". It's such a waste of Playfish Cash which I've received from playing Playfish's Hotel City. *pout*

That's it for today and I hope that you all are having so much Restaurant City fun!

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