Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Coming Up: "The Guests Go Bowling" Theme In Restaurant City

It's already Wednesday [whew! Time flies!] and the next Restaurant City [RC] theme has already been revealed ~~~ Let's Go Bowling!
Earlier today, the theme's recipes and ingredients have been disclosed in preparation for tomorrow's theme launching. The new recipes are:
1.) The Delicious PFC Family Bucket
2.) The Nuggets Meal Deal
3.) The Playfish Fillet Meal Deal
4.) The Strike Meal Deal

The two new ingredients that we need to look for are:

1.) Soda
2.) Salt

Where and how to gather these important ingredients? Here you go:
Now, how to get that bowling alley for free? All you need to do is to level the PFC Family Bucket recipe to 10. Master this recipe and the bowling alley is all yours!
After receiving your bowling alley, keep on collecting those ingredients! You'll need to master the other three [3] recipes to unlock the other two bowling lanes and the super shelves.

Let's start the "bowl rowlin'"!

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