Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How To Get The 11th and 12th Employees In Restaurant City

I've reached level 51 in Restaurant City [RC] this morning and having said that, I can now choose 6 dishes to serve/course. *wink*

Aside from the great news above, RC has given the players the opportunity to unlock the 11th [or an extra staff to hire] employee by mastering the Split Pin Taco Meal. I've leveled up this recipe to 10 and have now unlocked my 11th employee. I now have 1 bartender, 4 chief cooks, 5 waitresses and 1 cleaner.

How to unlock the 12th employee?

As of the moment, the maximum number of employees/staff in Restaurant City is 12. As mentioned earlier, you can get employee number 11 by mastering the Split Pin Taco Meal and the 12th employee, you'll unlock when you reach level 80.

Have fun playin' RC!

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