Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Big Bang Theory Season 4

Our favorite nerds, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj were back two days ago with their not-so-geeky neighbor but charming Penny on the premiere episode of The Big Bang Theory's 4th season entitled "The Robotic Manipulation".

Summery from

"It's been four months since Sheldon met Amy Farrah Fowler. Although they text each other every day, they never see each other and Sheldon doesn't classify her as his girlfriend. Regardless, they are thinking about having a baby together - via in vitro fertilization as Sheldon regards coitus as being too "messy" - to bless the world with their progeny. Penny convinces Sheldon that he should get to know the mother of his future child by going on date with Amy, this date which would be his first ever. As Sheldon needs a ride to the date, Penny, his chauffeur, ends up accompanying him on the date, which she quickly comes to regret. Meanwhile, Howard has developed a mechanical arm to be used as a repair tool aboard the international space station. Showing it off to the gang, Howard demonstrates to them what it can do. But he also finds some personal uses for the arm, which gets him into an embarrassing and slightly painful predicament. Written by Huggo"

[On the photo below: a snapshot from the season's first episode, 15th second]

New The Big Bang Theory terms released during this episode:

Shamy: Combination of Sheldon's and Amy's [Sheldon's "girlfriend"] names
Cockamamie: Although this word has been in the dictionary for long, my ears' first encounter of the word is from Sheldon. For those who do not know the meaning of cockamamie, it is simply the slang term for the words ridiculous, pointless, nonsensical or the like.

Expect for Sheldon's "Knock knock Penny. Knock knock Penny. Knock knock Penny." line on this episode but do NOT look forward to the word BAZINGA being spoken as it isn't on the premiere's script.

The Robotic Manipulation episode of The Big Bang Theory is definitely hilarious and brilliant!

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