Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Crazy September Of TV Show Premieres

Last week has been a complete mayhem as a lot of our [Bebe and I] favorite tv shows have aired their newest seasons on week 38 of 2010. It has been one premiere episode to another, trying to remember which one is for a specific day, the channel and the exact air time. Whew! With 12 new episodes to focus on, the week has been chaotic-fun! Whew!
As listed on my blog post: September: New Seasons Of My Fave TV Shows, How I Met Your Mother Season 6, Two and a Half Men Season 8 and Chuck Season 4 have released the first episodes on the same day, September 20. Bebe and I have watched the first two but must wait awhile before we can see Chuck as I haven't seen quite a few of the previous episodes and jumping into the latest one will just make me get so confused.

September 22 - Criminal Minds Season 6 and Hell's Kitchen Season 8. We've seen both and oh wow! Love 'em especially my fave Criminal Minds.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4, The Office Season 7 and well well well... The Big Bang Theory Season 4 ~~~ all have blown us away on the 23rd of September. Awesomeness! Fringe is out on the same day but we'll have to put an effort to watch first the previos season to easily grasp what is going on in the newest season.

September 26 - Phil hasn't failed to fill our lungs with excitement as The Amazing Race Season 17 has been aired on this date. On this same day, Dexter Season 5 and The Simpsons Season 22 have also been shown on telly however, I need some catching up to do on the previous seasons.

Although I am not actually a Glee devotee, I've made it a point to watch the first episode of Glee's 2nd season due to the fact that Charice Pempengco is in it. Well, I do not have anything against the show. I've seen three episodes of the 1st season but somehow, I am not really obsessed about it ~ yet. Having said that, I will be watching its recent episode in awhile and if everything goes well, I might go back to season one and go through all the episodes just to keep track of the story.

I'm off to check what's up on telly tonight to make sure I will not be missin' anythin'! Be Back in a bit!

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