Thursday, 16 September 2010

Djurgården Wins Over HV71, 16 September 2010!

It is my second day of being on my own. Bebe's on a seminar since yesterday morning and will be coming back tomorrow in time for dinner. [Miss you Bebe!]

Bebe has given me a call at around 7.30PM reminding me about our favorite icehockey team's [Djurgården] first match for the 2010 Eliserie [Swedish Elite League / SEL] which is scheduled to air live on cable at 8PM. Excited to watch our Djurgården show their a**-kickin' team work, I've turned the telly on immediately.

As usual, the Djurgården fans have shown their overwhelming moral support with gigantic banners and lively chants to pump up the players. I can't stop myself from singing along!

FIRST PERIOD - 1-0 as Mathias Tjärnqvist makes a goal during the game's first four minutes. Djurgården hasn't slowed down at all. The players keep on going... fighting to keep the lead. [On the photo: Mathia Tjärnqvist. Photo property of Aftonbladet/Bildbyrån]

SECOND PERIOD - HV71 scores [Martin Thörnqvist] resulting to a tie [1-1].

  • Josef Boumedienne [Djurgården] receives a penalty for cross-checking into Fredrik Bremberg's [HV71] face.

  • Daniel Brodin [Djurgården] also receives a penalty for high-sticking. Stick ends up hitting the face of the HV71 player, Adam Almquist. It's then 5 against 3 and it's when I've whispered to myself, "Oh no! Now it's impossible to win!"

  • Kristopher Beech of HV71 scores. 1-2.

  • Hope's low. Waiting impatiently for a miracle to happen. Sudden turn of events! Six minutes after the penalties, two points for Djurgården [John Norman, 2-2 and MathiasTjärnqvist, 3-2] within the next 22 seconds.

  • Game ends. 3-2. Djurgården wins over HV71!
Oh yeah!!! I can hardly wait to watch our Djurgården on the ice again on Saturday against Modo. Hopefully, they'll stay focused and bring home the bacon once more.


  1. Never been to a hokey game but always wanted to . Nice post Maxie

  2. Been there once and it's really exciting to watch it in the arena. WE're planning on doing it again within this season.

    Hope you get to try it one day, Bill!


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