Thursday, 16 September 2010

How To Add A Pastry Chef To Your Coffee Bar In Restaurant City

Restaurant City has released its latest theme yesterday morning. Upon knowing that the main theme's going to evolve around running a COFFEE BAR, I've gotten so ecstatic that I've begun collecting the necessary ingredients at once. Since I have hundreds of Restaurant City neighbors [thank you guys for the gifts!], I haven't had any problems gathering hazelnuts, one of the newest ingredients which will help to unlock the coffee bar along with the pastry station. It has only taken me 10 minutes to complete the Hazelnut Latte recipe and voila! ~~~ there goes my free coffee bar!

[Here's how you can unlock your restaurant's coffee bar:]

Although hazelnuts are overflowing, almonds on the other hand is truly difficult to find. Almond is necessary to unlock:
The Almond Capuccino recipe - Unlocks your coffee bar's coffee grinder. Brews coffee 5% faster.
The Almond Croissant recipe - Unlocks the drink signage. Better chances of getting extra tips by 10%.
The Rocky Road Cake recipe - Unlocks the pastry signage. Better chances of getting extra tips by 10%.

Now, how to unlock/add a PASTRY CHEF to your coffee bar/pastry station:

Now that you have that beautiful coffee bar in your restaurant, you definitely will want it to function, right? Upon unlocking your coffee bar, your waitresses/waiters can at once brew coffee for your guests but what about the pasty station?

1.] In order to unlock your pastry chef, you have to master [level it to 10] either of the two pastry dishes: the Almond Croissant or the Rocky Road Cake.
2.] Once you've mastered any of the two, click on your employee icon and assign one of your waitresses/waiters as a chef.
3.] After doing step number 2 above, your new pastry chef is now ready to create delicious pastry dishes for your guests and bring along extra tips to your restaurant!
Tips on how to get more hazelnuts and almonds:

To those who can't find their free Coffee Bars after unlocking the Hazelnut Latte:

A few of my neighbors have sent me messages on FB telling me that they have lost their Coffee Bars. DO NOT PANIC! It's just in your inventory. To find your Coffee Bar:
Click on the STORAGE icon
Click on the KITCHEN APPLIANCE icon and there lies your Coffee Bar!
So there goes the basics of Restaurant City's newly launched Coffee Bar and Pastry Station.

Enjoy and happy brewin' everyone!

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