Wednesday, 1 September 2010

September: New Seasons Of My Fave TV Shows

Time flies! September's already here! That means, it is soon time for my favorite tv shows to have their newest seasons released. I just can't wait!

Below is the list of the tv series with new seasons for September:
№1. The Big Bang Theory Season 4 - Our favorite geeks are back on September 23, 2010! It's BAZINGA time once more!

№2. The Amazing Race Season 17 - Yes! This award-winning [12 Primetime Emmys plus 5 more] reality tv-show will again tour us around the world starting September 26 with roadblocks, detours, fast forwards, yields, u-turns and possible intersections. Yeah! Bring it on!

№3. Fringe Season 3 - Original air date: 23 September. Olivia, Peter and Dr. Walter Bishop will work together for another season to find answers regarding unexplained phenomena.

№4. Criminal Minds Season 6 - The very first episode of the newest season entitled "Lights Out" is scheduled to be shown on September 22. After being left with a hanging ending, it's about time to reveal who that "blackout" sadistic killer is!

№5. Hell's Kitchen Season 8 - The famous British chef and restaurateur, Gordon Ramsay is returning on September 22 with his new 12 aspiring young chefs who will battle it out to win the final prize.

№6. Chuck Season 4 - Chuck, a computer geek by day and a government agent when duty calls will soon entertain its viewers one more time with its 4th season that is scheduled to hit the tv screens on September 20.

№7. How I Met Your Mother Season 6 - Original air date: September 20. Can't wait to see Barney, Lily, Ted, Marshall and Robin for the nth time!

№8. Dexter Season 5 - Oh yeah! Dexter's back on September 26. I've waited for more than 8 months for this season to arrive. Soon, it's time!

№9. The Simpsons Season 22 - September 26 is the date to get back to Springfield. Pack your luggage and off we go!

№10. Two And A Half Men Season 8 - The hilarious trio ~ Charlie, Alan and Jake will again be seen on telly beginning September 20. Jake's growing up so quick and is now as tall as his dad which means very soon, the "half" will then refer to Alan!

There goes my list of September-New Seasons-Of-TV-Shows. Only a few more weeks to go and the crazy tv series marathon will soon be here.

Note: Dates might change without prior notice.

Update: Some more favorite shows that are airing new episodes in September [Thanks Bebe for the info!]:
№11. The Office Season 7 - The funny boss Michael Scott, the cunning Dwight Schrute and the office couple Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly are back on September 23 to make laughters soar one more time!

№12. The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 - Fasten your seatbelts as the thrilling ride of a lifetime for Asian racers will begin on September 23. I have to say, "Go Pinoy!"


  1. ooooh I love How I met ur Mother, Two and a Half Men or Men Men as I call the show ha ha... also waiting to finish downloading BBtheory...

  2. OMG Dexter too woo hoo and on my B's birthday too haha! We love Dexter!!

  3. Enjoy being a potato couch sweetie, I too love watching TV or DVDs... :D

  4. We, too like Dexter. Really nice show!

  5. These three are really funny.

  6. Hello Mar'!

    By the way, which season of BBtheory are you downloading?

  7. True! Will soon become a potato couch but not that much since I need to study, too. :-)

  8. Janne (aka Boyfriend)2 September 2010 at 10:47

    The Office - September 23. South Park - October 6. The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 - Racers revealed in 19 hours! Show starts properly on the 23rd I think. But can be watched online from the 16th.. Weird.

  9. Thank you Bebe for additional info. Will edit this post today! Mwah!


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