Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Millionaire City iPhone App --- Crap!

When one of my Facebook friends posted on their wall about the good news regarding the release of Millionaire City's iPhone app, I directly jumped into having the app installed. well, It didn't take a minute for the app to finish downloading. Excited as I was, I used the app at once. Everything seemed right at first however, after connecting the app to my Facebook account the entire app just froze on me. I waited and waited ~~~ nothing happened!!!
The Millionaire City iPhone app is free but it was a total waste of my iPhone's memory bank and a waste of time since I could not get it to work!

I wonder why the Millionaire City game developers had released such a crappy app. They broke my heart and the many others who were as excited as I was.

P.S. I still love the game and will continue playing it on my lappy or desktop. As for the iPhone app ~~~ DELETED!!!

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