Friday, 1 October 2010

Casino On The Go!

I find it fun to look for new apps for my iPhone every now and then. There are always new and interesting items being released on the app store almost everyday and if there's something new, I do not want to get left behind. It's a good thing that most apps come with trial versions for me to try first and then just decide later if I want to go purchase the full app or not. Sure does help me save a lot of $$$.

Speaking of $$$, while scrolling through pages of apps this afternoon, I've found many iPhone casinos that are free for grabs. Playing casino on the go sounds actually fun. It's a great way to reduce boredom when waiting for a friend in the coffee shop or when sitting in a-three-hour-train ride, waiting for connection flights in the airport and more. So far, I've already grabbed four free mobile casinos, will try each one and see which ones are best for keeps.
Googling around for recommended mobile casino apps, I've gotten curious about the All Slots Online Casino. I do not really opt for slot games but my boyfriend loves to try his luck with online slot machines whenever there's a chance to do it so I will try to download it tomorrow through its homepage and we'll see if my boyfriend will like it.

Happy playing everyone!

1 comment:

  1. hi-tech na talaga pati sa iPhone may casino na. how are you maxi? have a great day!

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