Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Star Cinema's Trip [2001]

I slept late last night. My monthly period was bugging me - giving me terrible tummy aches. It was a good thing that my ever loving Bebe downloaded a number of Pinoy films for me to watch for the upcoming days just in case I would end up missing hearing tagalog words again.

Well... call me old-fashioned, cheesy or sappy ~~~ I would not care at all for last night, I enjoyed watching an old Tagalog film by Star Cinema: Trip. Trip was released in cinemas all over the Philippines in November of 2001 and man... as far as I could recall, it was a big hit especially to teens.

I've seen Trip once nine years ago and to finally get the chance to see it all over again last night has been a very good experience. The main casts [Marvin Agustin, Onemig Bondoc, Paolo Contis, John Prats, Jericho Rosales, Julia Clarete, Kristine Hermosa, Desiree del Valle and Heart Evangelista] of Trip have made me miss my childhood and school friends. *deep sigh*

The script of Trip is well written. The scenes are light and easy to follow but the twists and turns of certain events are also surprising... well... I mean surprising, to those who haven't seen it yet. The chemistry between the movie's main characters is visible making watching Trip a delightful experience.

If you still haven't seen Trip or haven't seen a glimpse of it since its release in 2001, better grab a seat, chillax and treat yourself with an hour and a half of Trip!

So, what's your "trip"?


  1. kainggit naman! that was 9 yrs ago pa pala hehe

  2. Hi Maxie, Even though Gina lives in the USA she still likes to watch the Tagalog movies and show. I hope you are feeling better now dear friend.

  3. pano q po toh mppnood??? 6 yrs old plang aq non npnood q toh... gus2ng gus2 q n ulit pnuorin... xO

  4. i wanna see this one too :((

  5. Ako din, ang tagal ko na nagsesearch nito, wala talaga akong makita. Childhood movie ko to, gusto ko mapanood ulit. :\ :)

  6. Saan mo na idownload yung movie? Wala na ako mahanap sa ma nga stores nitong movie...


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