Tuesday, 11 January 2011

CityVille's Three New Buildings

While harvesting a few of my crops yesterday, the CityVille app has asked me to refresh my browser as it is being enhanced. By the time I've gotten back on the game, curious as always, I've clicked the "build" menu and see what's new and ta-dahhh! --- three new buildings and man... these buildings are so cool!

Introducing the Glass Condo [blue building], Atrium Loft [the yellow building] and the Court House [the unfinished structure on the photo]:

[photo property of Zynga.com]

I am actually thinking about putting up another Tower Eats simply because I think... there's nothing else to do. Good thing that the update comes out before I've purchased it or else, I'll no longer have enough coins to get all the new buildings.

Anyway, here are the info of these three buildings:

Glass Condo:
Level Required: 55
Cost: 600,000 coins
Population: 160
Rent: 165 coins every 8 hours

Atrium Loft:
Level Required: 60
Cost. 750,000 coins
Population: 170
Rent: 220 coins per day

Court House:
Level Required: 55
Cost: 100,000 coins
For additional: 1,700 population
Energy Needed: 13
Addtional Requirements: City Seal, Marble, Gold Plating, Building Grand, Ribbon and "Send Gifts"

The Glass Condo and Atrium Loft will not bring in that much earnings to your city but these items will definitely add beauty to your city.

Go and save up some more coins to afford the new CityVille buildings! Happy CityVille-ing everyone!

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