Sunday, 9 January 2011

CityVille By Zynga And How To Level Up Quickly

I'm not a FarmVille fan [sorry 'bout that]. In fact, up to this day, I am still on level 1. The only reason I get into the game is because friends and family say they need more neighbors to complete certain missions and/or expand their territories. I just hope that I've been of help, somehow.

2nd of December 2011 --- Zynga released a new game called CityVille. I wasn't aware that such a Facebook game existed until a friend sent a neighbor invite on the 8th.

First impression: Spotted the farming zone the very moment I logged on to the CityVille app and sighed deeply. Boring.

Second day: Friends kept on sending neighbor invites and gift requests. Gave the game another try. Despite the energy shortage, I did see a lot of potential in this game.

Third day: Found myself slowly getting into the entire concept of the game. Liked it already.


So, more or less, that's how I've fallen in love with CityVille.


A month and one day have passed and I've already reached the maximum level, 60 with a booming 18,000++ XPs, reputation of 41 and have expanded my city soooo many times. I know that there are a lot of CityVille players out there who've reached level 60 way faster than me but nevertheless, that's still quick considering the fact that I do not stay on the app for more than two hours a day.

Your question is... How can one level up quickly on CityVille?

My answer... The best and easiest way is to get help from your CityVille neighbors. The more active CityVille neighbors you have, the quicker it is for your city to climb up those levels.

Here are some reasons why:

When neighbors harvest your crops and/or collect the delivered items from your ships, you increase the number of your goods without using any energy at all. Aside from that, you get one or two XPs.

When neighbors send tour buses to your business establishments, you collect 5 coins from each and receive one or two XPs per tour bus.

When neighbors collect rents from your houses/apartments/condos/hotels, rents are being collected without using an energy. You save your energy, increase your coins and collect one or two XPs per house.

When friends help you finish a construction, you save one energy and receive one or two XPs.

When friends cut down those trees, you collect some coins, save energy and get one or two XPs.

When friends level up and post their accomplishment on their wall, you can get one XP when you click on the "Get CityVille XP" link.

You DO NOT receive XPs when:

... neighbors guides your ships
... water your crops
... accepting supplies from franchised establishments


Let's do the math ---

As of now, I have about 200 neighbors and let's just say only 70 [+/-] visits my city per day. Maybe only 50 of them choose the "XP help". Neighbors can help five times every 24 hours [or somethin' like that].... that's already 250XPs in a day just from my neighbors' help. When I collect from my community buildings, I get one or more XPs. When I collect earnings from my establisments, I get one or more XPs per business... etc. As of now, I get 400++ XPs per day.

What are you waiting for? Increase the number of your CityVille neighbors ASAP to level up, level up and level up!

Where to find CityVille neighbors:

I'll be posting more CityVille tips later but for now, I need to leave and watch telly. Happy CityVille-ing everyone!
☛ CityVille By Zynga - Two Thumbs Up!


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