Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Amazing Race 18: Unfinished Business

My boyfriend and I are huge, huge, huge fans of The Amazing Race [TAR]. Be it the original or The Asia version, we never let a season pass us by. All the episodes, we've seen 'em all ... more than once! We've figured that since we do not have the money we need to travel around the world, we'll visit one country to another through watching The Amazing Race! The Amazing Race ~~~ Our free ticket to see different cultures!

Before I go on, I want to say congratulations to The Richards for winning The Amazing Race Asia Season 4! Finally! The Philippines has won the crown! Go Pinoys!

This coming Sunday, 20 February, is one of the biggest days in the history of The Amazing Race as its latest season [18] is schedule to air! Baaammm! Ka-boom! Oh yeah!

"The Amazing Race 18 (also known as The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business) is the eighteenth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race 18 will feature eleven teams of two — each returning from a previous edition — in a race around the world for a $1 million prize.[2] The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan. It will also be the first American season of The Amazing Race to be filmed and broadcast in high-definition."

~~~ wikipedia
Curious? Here are the teams of two in the upcoming The Amazing Race 18:
Teams according to their appearance on the video:

1] Lakisha and Jennifer, sisters. Season 14 --- toilet break for Jen. Footrace against Jamie and Cara [also in TAR18] to the pit stop. In the end, Kish and Jen is the team who "pissed away" their chance of winning one million dollars. Ended up in 4th place.

2] Zev and Justin, best friends. Season 15 --- were actually doing great on the 4th leg but on the pit stop, realized that they were missing one passport. Retraced their steps but had been unlucky. Were eventually sent home due to this mistake.

3] Ken "Kynt" and Vyxsin, dating goths. Season 12 --- did the speed bump [yoga routine] well and yet U-turned the wrong team which led to them [Kynt and Vyxsin] being eliminated.

4] Gary and Mallory, father and daughter. Season 17 --- eliminated in Oman, the 8th leg and was the 6th team sent home. Instead of asking the locals for direction, they relied on their road map skills. Yayks! Fatal error.

5] Mel and Mike, father and son. Season 14 --- sent home at the 7th leg after getting lost in the beach looking for the gorilla. Despite the locals had already told them that the gorilla in their clue's picture is in the zoo, they went on searching for it in the beach. Lost a lot of time and lost the race.

6] Ronald and Christina, father and daughter. Season 12 --- finished 2nd. Arrived first at the final road block in Alaska. Christina got stuck and did not recover.

7] Herb "Flight Time" and Nate "Big Easy", Harlem Globetrotters. Season 15 --- Big Easy failed to unscramble the word [FRANZ], skipped the road block and took the penalty. Ended up in 4th place.

8] Jaime and Cara, former NFL cheerleaders. Season 14 --- 2nd place all because the taxi driver they got couldn't figure out its way to the final road block.

9] Amanda and Kris, dating. Season 14 --- Margie and Luke [also in TAR18] decided to U-turn them which led to their elimination.

10] Jet and Cord, cowboy brothers. Season 16 --- Dan and Jordan [the winning team of Season 16] arrived last at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, 6 hours after the cowboys did. However, placed their backpack before the cowboys making them think that they are 2nd in line. Dan and Jordan, while everyone was asleep in the plane asked the stewardess to move them up to the first class and went out first upon landing. Jet and Cord did not make up their lost time and finished on 2nd place.

11] Margie and Luke, mother and son. Season 14 --- arrived in the final road block way ahead than the other two teams. Luke did the road block [required one team member to search through a pile of more than 300 surfboards for eleven that displayed a picture depicting a task, location, or person related to the ten previous legs of the race]. Got confused. Ended up in 3rd place.

I really hope that this time, Jet and Cord will win the million dollar prize. If not, please let it be Zev and Justin, Mel and Mike or Margie and Luke.

How about you? Who's your bet?
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