Thursday, 24 February 2011

CityVille By Zynga - Two Thumbs Up!

Among hundreds of Facebook games, there are only three that I really like and one of them is CityVille. The game is so user friendly and the developers just don't update it every now and then, they also listen to feedback and make the necessary changes as soon as they possibly can ~~~ always a plus!

Here are a few more reasons why CityVille gets a two thumbs up from me:

1.] CityVille is a click-to-do game however, with the help my friends/neighbors, I do not need to do everything on my own. My friends, in my behalf, click-to-harvest, click-to-unload goods, click-to-collect rents, click-to-build and more. I get to save some energy and time.

2.] Aside form the above mentioned, in CityVille, there's an even wider range of neighbor-to-neighbor interaction such as the Franchising concept and the sellling and buying of goods through the train system.

3.] Seasonal quests and items

4.] Free gifts

5.] ... and more!

Just hours ago, CityVille has released the Retail Theme buildings and decorations:

[photo property of]

The new items are nice! Thanks Zynga!
CityVille By Zynga And How To Level Up Quickly

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