Sunday, 6 February 2011

No Ordinary Family

We've just finished watching No Ordinary Family. There are already 13 episodes aired for its first season ... I mean, that's if you are living in the USA. Since we're not, tonight's episode is only the 6th out of 19. In a week's time, it's on for episode number 7. We're looking forward to that!
So, anyway, if you haven't seen any of it yet, I suggest you find time to see No Ordinary Family. It stars:

Michael Chiklis as Jim Powell - Superpowers: Super strength, can stop bullets, jump high and far
Julie Benz as Stephanie Powell - Jim's wife. Superpower: Super speed
Kay Panabaker as Daphne Powell - The daughter. Superpower: Can read minds
Jimmy Bennett as J.J. Powell - The son. Superpower: Super brain

Secret? I want the super brain!

No Ordinary Family is one cool show for the entire family. It's fun, exciting and amusing to watch. It's a two thumbs up for me!

Hope everyone's having a great Sunday. Going to be staying tuned for the Super Bowl. Go Steelers!


  1. same here max, love watching this too:)

  2. babati lang ako ng Happy Valentine's Day!


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