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The Amazing Race 18 - Leg 2 Recap

Yes. I know. I am supposed to post this a week ago. So sorry for the delay but well, at least, here it is!

In Leg 2 of the Amazing Race 18, all 11 teams were still in Australia battling their way into the million dollar prize.

Cowboys Jet and Cord were still stuck on the 1st Road Block of the season. They couldn't figure out the passphrase and were so far behind all other 10 teams.

On the Pit-Stop-Mid-Point, Phil did not check in the teams. Instead, handed them another clue which instructed them to return to Sydney and get to "To Sail To Stop". What the teams didn't know was that "To Sail To Stop" referred to an anchor sculpture that is located near the Sydney Town Hall. Once there, the teams signed up for one of two charter flights that would fly them to their next destination, Broken Hill. The two flights were 30 minutes apart.

While trying to figure out where the clue was leading them, Mel suffered an excruciating pain on his leg.

On the ferry back to Sydney, Margie and Luke asked for help from a fellow passenger, borrowed her laptop and learned that they needed to head to the Sydney Town Hall.

Although were hours behind, Jet and Cord made it to the Sydney Town Hall, signed up for the flight and got back into the race.

First flight to Broken Hill:
1.] Kisha and Jen
2.] Zev and Justin
3.] Jaime and Cara
4.] Margie and Luke
5.] Mel and Mike
6.] Kent and Vyxsin

Second flight:
7.] Flight Time and Big Easy
8.] Ron and Christina
9.] Gary and Mallory
10.] Amanda and Kris
11.] Jet and Cord

At The Broken Hill Airport - teams searched for marked cars. They were to drive themselves to The Living Desert where their next clue awaited them.

Detour: Spirit World or Natural World
In Spirit World, teams were instructed to make a traditional Australian Aboriginal stone mosaic to match a specific model. Once approved by a judge, they then need to dance on top of their mosaic to receive their next clue.
In Natural World, teams were asked to create traditional Australian Aboriginal markers using a mixture of water and a clay-like pigment. Team members needed to put the mixture into their mouth and spit the substance onto a stencil provided to create four specific images. If they'd make it correctly, the judge would hand them their next clue.

All teams chose Spirit World. However, because Amanda and Kris received an automatic U-Turn from the first leg, they were forced to do both.

Order of arrival at the Detour and ranks in completing the Detour:

1.] Zev and Justin - 1st to complete
2.] Kisha and Jen - 5th
3.] Mel and Mike - 3rd
4.] Jaime and Cara - 6th
5.] Kent and Vyxsin - 4th
6.] Margie and Luke - 2nd
7.] Gary and Mallory - 8th
8.] Amanda and Kris - 11th
9.] Jet and Cord -7th
10.] Flight Time and Big Easy -9th
11.] Ron and Christina -10th

Kent and Vyxsin finished their mosaic first but instead of dancing on top of their art, they took some children and danced with them around their mosaic.

After the Detour, teams needed to drive themselves back to Broken Hill and search for the "home of the Magpies". They had to figure out that the clue "home of the Magpies" was pointing them to the Broken Hill Central Football Club where they would find their next clue.

Clue: Time for a "Roo'd" awakening:
At the Central Football Club, the teams were given periodic tables in which Hg and Bi were highlighted. They had to figure out that symbols Hg was for mercury and Bi was for bismuth. Once the teams had solved this, they should also know that they must look for the intersection of Mercury and Bismuth Streets in town where they'd find their next clue. But before they could proceed to the task, the teams must wear a Kangaroo costume. The teams hopped around town looking for their next clue with only the periodic table on their hands.

Order in completing the task:

1.] Zev and Justin
2.] Flight Time and Big Easy
3.] Kisha and Jen
4.] Margie and Luke
5.] Mel and Mike
6.] Kent and Vyxsin
7.] Jaime and Cara
8.] Jet and Cord
9.] Gary and Mallory
10.] Ron and Christina
11.] Amanda and Kris

Zev and Justin and Margie and Luke decided to work together but Margie lost a piece of her costume [foot cover]. She needed to find it first before she could proceed. Zev and Justin went on without Margie and Luke. Mel found Margie's missing piece and handed it back to her.

Pit Stop: Junction Mine - Teams drove to the Pit Stop with their Kangaroo suits on except for the shoes for driving.

[Photo property of The Amazing Race]

Order of arrival at the Pit Stop:

1.] Zev and Justin - awarded a trip for two to CancĂșn, Mexico from Travelocity
2.] Flight Time and Big Easy
3.] Jet and Cord - a footrace to the Pit Stop against Kisha and Jen
4.] Kisha and Jen
5.] Margie and Luke
6.] Mel and Mike
7.] Kent and Vyxsin
8.] Jaime and Cara
9.] Gary and Mallory
10.] Ron and Christina
11.] Amanda and Kris - Eliminated

So there you go... Leg 2 of The Amazing Race 18. Leg 3's recap, soon to come!
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