Friday, 25 March 2011

The Amazing Race 18 - Leg 3 Recap

"My dad, he will never give up that's why sometimes, you have to give up for him." ~~~ Mike

Yipee! After weeks of delay, I finally get some time to do this recap [sorry again guys!] So, with no further ado, here's The Amazing Race 18 - Leg 3 recap...
After Amanda and Kris got eliminated on the 2nd leg, the remaining ten teams headed back to Sydney by taking an overnight train ride from the Broken Hill train station.  

At the Sydney railway station, teams got their first Route Info:

Teams must fly to Tokyo, Japan [Narita Interanational Airport] and then find their way to a rotating parking garage.

1st Flight: Cathay Pacific.  Scheduled to arrive in Tokyo, Japan 15 minutes earlier than the 2nd flight.  

Zev and Justin
Kent and Vyxsin
Margie and Luke
Mel and Mike
Jaime and Cara

2nd Flight: Qantas.  Scheduled to arrive in Tokyo, Japan at 6:15AM.

Gary and Mallory
Kisha and Jen
Ron and Christina
Jet and Cord
Flight Time and Big Easy

Unfortunately, the first flight got delayed while on its Hong Kong stop over due to mechanical problems.  The first flight arrived in Tokyo 1 hour and 5 minutes after the Qantas flight.

Route Info: Teams must drive their way to Kamakura City then look for the Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū-Yabusame Dojo where they would find their next clue.
Jet and Cord got lost on their way to Kamakura City while Jaime and Cara accidentally hit the mirror of a local's car.  They were asked to wait for the police to arrive before they could leave.

Road Block: Perform Yabusame Ritual
Teams must dress as samurai and learn the yabusame ritual [observe the ritual then perform the ritual].  Once performed correctly, the team member would then try to hit a wooden target with an arrow while sitting on a rotating wooden horse.

Performed the Road Block and order of completing the task:

Ron - 5th
Gary - 3rd
Flight Time - 4th
Jen - 1st
Justin - 2nd
Kent - 8th
Luke - 6th
Mike - 9th
Cord - 7th 
Jaime - 10th

Route Info:
Teams must drive themselves to Minamiashigara and look for the Daiyūzan Station – Kintarō Statue where their next clue awaited them.

Prayer of Purity:
Teams put on keikogi [a traditional wardrobe] and took part in a Shinto cleansing ritual.  They had to learn a prayer consisting of lighting incense and a chant.  Teams then had to thrust a walking stick in front of them while shouting.  When the first part of the task was completed, teams had to stand under the water falls and must endure the intensity of the falling water for one minute.  The water had a temperature of about 7°C.  Once completed, teams were handed their next clue.
Frog of Luck:
Teams must strip down and put on fundoshi, a traditional Japanese undergarment before they could head on to a mudpit where they would search for a buried frog toy.  Once the teams found the frog, they had to hand it to the frog master and then receive their next clue.

Prayer of Purity:

Flight Time and Big Easy
Ron and Khristina

Frog of Luck:

Zev and Justin
Gary and Mallory
Kisha and Jen
Jet and Cord
Margie and Luke
Ken and Vyxsin
Mel and Mike
Jaime and Cara

After performing the detour, Flight Time and Big Easy mistakingly picked up Ron and Christina's fanny pack and left it in the men's changing room.  

Mel and Mike, after digging the mud searching for the frog for a long time decided to throw in the towel.  They stayed inside the ambulance to warm up before heading to the Pit Stop.

Route Info: Pit Stop:
Teams must drive to the Pit Stop.  Find Commodore Perry Monument, located at Kurihama, Yokosuka.

Order of arrival at the Pit Stop:

1.] Zev and Justin - won a trip for two to Costa Rica from Travelocity
2.] Gary and Mallory
3.] Ron and Christina
4.] Kisha and Jen
5.] Flight Time and Big Easy - arrived at the Pit Stop 3rd.  However, due to the fanny pack mistake, were given a 30 minute penalty
6.] Jet and Cord
7.] Kent and Vyxsin
8.] Margie and Luke
9.] Jaime and Cara
10.]Mel and Mike - Eliminated


  1. Wah enjoy ur show sweetie, I don't follow this show.. the only one I did watch was the recent ASIA race.. :)


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