Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A Journey Home [2009]

I never heard about this movie. In fact, I never knew that it ever existed until two days ago when I stumbled upon it while going through Toni Gonzaga's profile on IMDB. I must admit, though curious, the title did not struck me at first. It was when I watched its full trailer on YouTube that I decided to give it a go.

A Journey Home is a very good film. It is an independent, full-length digital movie [1 hour and 50 minutes long] that is written by Clarissa Estuar and Jewel Castro and directed by Paul Soriano. The story is not difficult to follow. Every line is well written and the events are nicely stitched together to create a masterpiece that will blow your mind away.
A Journey Home: The Trailer:
A Journey Home: The Plot:

The story begins when Dante Santos [played by Soliman Cruz] after losing his job in Taiwan returns home to the Philippines and starts looking for a job. One day, while flipping through pages of the newspaper, instead of finding a job, he finds out from the column of the obituary that his ex-wife has just recently died. On his way to his ex-wife's wake, Dante asks himself if his kids whom he abandoned 20 years ago can ever forgive him for what he's done.

Dante arrives at the wake wherein his daughter, Kristine [Athena Tibi] and his daughter-in-law Gayle [Toni Ganzaga] accept him with open heart. However, Raffy [Jorem Bascon], Dante's first born is still tied to the past that forgiving his father is something that refuses to do.

Dante hasn't given up on the idea that one day, Raffy will once again accept him in his life. In a short span on time, Dante wins the love and respect of Jake [John Manalo] and Tinka [Thrisha Canete], his grandchildren.

Disturbed and struggling from within, Dante holds strong to his faith with the help of the church that Gayle and Kristine belong to. For a short while, Dante gets the opportunity to play as the church's pianist which even helps him to believe even more.

Later, in the attempt of landing on a new job, Dante submits himself for a medical check-up in the aim to complete the requirements for the job abroad. It is then when he learns from his doctor about his stage four kidney cancer and that he only has three to six months to live. He keeps the information to himself and travels back to his home town, Pampanga.

Gayle hears the sad news from a good friend. Raffy, along with his family and sister drive to Pampanga where they spend quality time with Dante. Dante receives the forgiveness he's been longing to hear from Raffy while Raffy learns the importance of letting go of the pain and starting anew.

Dante dies but his soul lives happily ever after.

I cried a river while watching this movie. It tore my heart into pieces and left footprints on my soul.

A Journey Home is an inspiration. It is the great awakening for those sleeping souls. Watch it and learn from it.

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  1. sounds very interesting film. i am looking forward to watch this.


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