Sunday, 6 March 2011

Zynga's RewardVille Beta Launched!

I logged in to my Facebook account yesterday and checked my long list of notifications. I was so surprised to find a friend invite to check out the new Zynga RewardVille Beta [zRewardville]. No second thoughts... I jumped to the page, connected my Facebook account and bam! ~~~ got my bonus 20 zCoins. Sweet!

However, remember that not all Zynga players are reached by this feature at the moment. If this feature isn't available yet to you, here's the message that you'll receive:
.... so be patient as it will soon knock on your Facebook doors.

[To my Facebook friends who still do not have this feature, send me a PM if you are interested so I can send you a Zynga RewardVille invitation]

Because RewardVille is by Zynga, here are the few important Zynga RewardVille terms to remember:

zPoints - are the points you will earn for playing Zynga games [see the list of games below]. A certain player can earn up to 80 zPoints per game in a day and 300 zPoints max in all Zynga games combined. Players automatically earns zPoints when playing any of the Zynga games on the list ONLY after connecting their Facebook account to the Zynga RewardVille page so remember to connect!

zLevels - gather enough zPoints to reach the next zLevel.

zCoins - the reward you'll receive whenever you zLevel up. I am now on zLevel 5 and as per experience, whenever I zLevel up, I get 10 zCoins.

For players who are already connected to Zynga RewardVille, you'll find this bar on top of each Zynga game you play to keep track of your zPoints, zLevel and zCoins:

Zynga Games in RewardVille:

Café World
Mafia Wars
Treasure Isle
Vampire Wars
Zynga Poker


I only play CityVille and Zynga Poker and I am really very happy with the Zynga RewardVille.

So, yesterday, just right after connecting my Facebook account to the RewardVille page, aside from the bonus 20 zCoins I've gotten, I've also received a Day Care Center bonus for my city in CityVille ~~~ yup... for free!

If you love CityVille just like I do, here are the CityVille items that you can get hold of only through the Zynga RewardVille page and mind you they are all cool.

[all photos above are properties of]

Have a great Zynga day everyone!

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