Friday, 20 May 2011

A.J. Cook Returns To Criminal Minds

18 May 2011 – “Criminal Minds” airs their final episode of the season [season 6] entitled “Supply and Demand”.  On the last few frames of the episode, David Rossi [Joe Mantegna] comes back to his office at two in the morning where a former member of his team awaits him – Jennifer “JJ” Jareau [A.J. Cook] who reveals to him about her decision on coming back to BAU [Behavioral Analysis Unit].
A frame from episode 24 season 6 of Criminal Minds where JJ  talks to Rossi about coming back to BAU.
When CBS decided to let go of Cook during the early part of season 6, it disappointed millions of followers of the said show [I know.  I was one of them].  Sentiments were aired on forums, blogs, Twitter and fans even started a Bring AJ Cook (JJ) back to Criminal Minds fan page on Facebook.  Although Criminal Minds’ ratings remained strong, it was still a good move by CBS to bring back a favorite part of the team who was there since the beginning.  It would definitely put the show on a higher level.

With JJ back on board, two more questions remain: first, will they also bring back Emily Prentiss [Paget Brewster] and second, will there still be room left for Ashley Seaver [Rachel Nichols] in BAU?  I guess all that we can do for now is to wait for Criminal Minds Season 7 which is scheduled to air some time in the fall. 

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  1. I don't follow this series but I have heard great reviews about it, perhaps I will watch it and catch up.. :)


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