Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ashton Kutcher Replaces Charlie Sheen In Two And A Half Men

 It’s official, after the long wait and uncertainty, the-top rated sitcom, “Two And A Half Men” will be releasing its newest season [season 9] sometime after summer.  All thanks to the 33-year old Ashton Kutcher who will replace Charlie Sheen in the show. 

Kutcher has proven his natural ability in making people laugh.  He’s made popular on his character in “That 70’s Show” [with eight great seasons - 1998 to 2006], in a number of good movies and as the producer and host of the famous “Punk’d”.  With more than 6,7Million followers on Twitter and 9.5Million fans on Facebook, rest assured, Kutcher will be at his best in “Two And A Half Men” so as not to disappoint his fans.  I pretty believe in Kutcher’s comedy power.  Go Ashton!

Charlie Sheen’s role has been offered to Hugh Grant along with a few other celebrities who has for some reason declined the proposal.

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  1. Hi Maxie i think Ashton will do a good job on the show. He will never be as good as Charlie in my opinion because the show to me was all about Charlies real life LOL. Have a great weekend my friend.


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