Monday, 23 May 2011

The Big Bang Theory’s Final Episode For Season 4

The Big Bang Theory’s season finale “The Roomate Transmogrification” [Season 4 Episode 24] finished with a blast as it was filled with twist and turns and funny overwhelming surprises. 

Who wouldn’t be entertained with the opening scene as the gang [Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Penny, Priya and Bernie] at The Cheesecake Factory was making fun of Leonard’s lactose intolerance issue and teasing Howard for not having a PhD title while his soon-to-be-Mrs. would be getting hers soon?  Of course, who wouldn’t go HaHa! whenever Sheldon delivered his delayed trademark laugh?

So, Bernie gets her PhD in microbiology and will start earning “a buttload of money” working for a big pharmaceutical company.

Raj gets fed up after hearing Leonard and Priya’s Star Trek fantasy engagement inside his room and decides to sleep over at Sheldon’s.

Leonard and Raj think that it’s a good idea to swap apartments.  Raj signs a “Modified Roommate Agreement For A Temporary House Guest” and “A Living Will And Durable Power Of Attorney” which come automatically with his responsibilities to Sheldon’s everyday needs.

Raj, fulfilling his duties, prepares his first Thai food dinner with Sheldon and shows the difference between eating and dining [with wine and cadle light] which of course, Sheldon finds remarkable.

Penny comes in asking for the new Wi-Fi password which is “Penny, get your own Wi-Fi. - No spaces”  and learns about the Raj-Leonard swap.

Meanwhile, while in bed, Howard learns that Bernie volunteers on the premature ejaculation project in the pharmaceutical company [I wonder why?], receives a Rolex from Bernie as a gift and ends up with a  fight with the rich future Mrs.

In Sheldon’s apartment, Penny joins the two for dinner.  As Sheldon heads to bed earlier, Penny and Raj extend their wine session.

On the other end, Priya asks Leonard to stay in the bedroom while she chats with her parents.  Upon overhearing Priya’s move to India in a month’s time, Leonard freaks out.  He then decides to go back to Sheldon’s apartment and sleeps all night on the couch.

The next morning,  Raj and Penny wake up realizing the “coitus” that has taken place while under the influence of alcohol and agree to forget about the whole thing.

A knock on the door.  Howard wants to stay in Sheldon’s apartment for awhile with his friends and talk about his relationship enigma.

Penny and Raj come out of the room putting everybody in awe.
Penny’s little excuse?  --- “Oh, it’s not what it looks like.” and leaves the scene as Sheldon replies with another question, ”What’s it look like?

The Roomate Transmogrification” episode leaves every characters’ relationships in jeopardy.  Aww!  I can already imagine the chaotic yet very amusing start of Season 5!  It’s on this fall!  Can’t wait!

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