Monday, 16 May 2011

White Van Man

If there’s one thing that has changed in me since the day I set foot on European soil, it’s my growing addiction to British comedy shows [thanks to my boyfriend for the influence].  The IT Crowd, Spaced, ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Black Books, Fawlty Towers and the newest member of the list: White Van Man – these shows never fail to make me go LMHO [laugh my heart out]!

photo from: The British Comedy Guide
White Van Man – The story begins when Ollie Curry [Will Mellor] who one day dreams of running his own restaurant takes over his dad’s [Clive Mantell] Curry & Son: painting and decorating business.  Curry & Son comes complete with the white business van and a not-so-handy assistant, Darren [Joel Fry].

Ollie always tries to do the right thing but due to Darren’s lack of desire, discipline and determination, things just go terribly wrong.

Here’s a video on Will Mellor’s interview about the show:

White Van Man is an outrageous funny british show.  The serious character of Ollie combined with the slightly crazy Darren is just brilliant!  This laugh-out-loud with a heart type of comedy show is really worth watching!  I love it, who wouldn’t? 

… I’ve just read from The British Comedy Guide website that the sitcom, White Van Man will come back with its second season.  I can’t wait!

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