Monday, 6 June 2011

TV: Angry Boys

My boyfriend introduced me to an Australian comedy series called  Angry Boys this morning while having our late breakfast.  My boyfriend told me not to expect too much as we never really heard nor read about this show before.  So, well, we sat down, enjoyed brunch and watched the pilot episode of Angry Boys [aired on 11 May]  with least expectations.  I found the opening credits cute with the little Hulk, Spiderman and Thor.  Kudos to that!
A frame taken from the Angry Boys trailer.
I honestly had difficulties embracing the first few scenes as it was filled with much swearing  and yes, that disturbed me a lot  but then, as the show progressed, I found myself not focusing a lot on the swearing parts.  Instead, my attention was more focused on the scenes and the story which was honestly, interesting. 

Here’s a short Angry Boys trailer:
Right after watching the full first episode, it was only then that I realized that Chris Lilley played five roles – the twins Nathan and Daniel Sims, the African-American rap artist from L.A. S.mouse, the 65-year old prison officer Ruth “Gran” Sims,  and the champion surfer Blake Oakfield who I immediately spotted on Daniel’s Wall of Fame posters.  Yeah, you could call me blind but well, I was enjoying the episode that I wasn’t really putting so much attention to the characters’ faces. 

The sixth character that Chris Lilley is going to portray is Jen Okazaki who is a Japanese wife with three children.  Jen’s family moves to America in search for greener pastures.  She might be coming in on episode 2.  Will need to check that fact later.

So anyway, I started watching Angry Boys with low expectations and ended up really liking it.

News and reviews reveal a sudden popularity drop on the fourth episode and even worse on the fifth.  I’ve only seen the first one so we’ll see if the wind’s direction will change for me by the time I reach episode number 4. 

Ciao everyone!  I’ll get back in a wee bit!


  1. Hey Maxie I guess I would have to see the whole show to really understand it. Have a great my friend.

  2. Hello Bill. Yup! YOu have to. :)

    YOu too, have a great day :)


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