Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Amigo: A Film By John Sayles

While exploring IMDB’s Now Showing board [U.S. Openings], I became so curious when I chanced upon the movie bearing the title “Amigo”.  I was aware that amigo is the Spanish word for friend but because it is also the Visayan [one of the many Filipino dialects] term for well… also friend, I wondered if it might be a Filipino film and I was half right!  The movie stars both Hollywood and Filipino artists and was filmed in the Philippines with an estimated budget of $1,200,000. 

Photo credit: IMDB

A little information about the movie Amigo:

AMIGO, the 17th feature film from Academy Award-nominated writer-director John Sayles, stars legendary Filipino actor Joel Torre as Rafael, a village mayor caught in the murderous crossfire of the Philippine-American War.

When U.S. troops occupy his village, Rafael comes under pressure from a tough-as-nails officer (Chris Cooper) to help the Americans in their hunt for Filipino guerilla fighters.  But Rafael’s brother (Ronnie Lazaro) is the head of the local guerillas, and considers anyone who cooperates with the Americans to be a traitor.  Rafael quickly finds himself forced to make the impossible, potentially deadly decisions faced by ordinary civilians in an occupied country.

A powerful drama of friendship, betrayal, romance and heartbreaking violence, AMIGO is a page torn from the untold history of the Philippines, and a mirror of today’s unresolvable conflicts. ~~~ amigomovie.com

Amigo [Official Trailer]:

Release Dates: Amigo was shown in 12 cinemas around the Philippines on the 4th of July and will hit theaters in the U.S. on August 19 [to buy tickets online and locate the theaters near you, please go to this page].  Amigo will also be released in several theaters in Canada [14 September], Spain [22 September], Argentina [15 November] and Greece [4 December].

Unfortunately, Amigo is not going to be available in cinemas here in Sweden.  I will have to wait until it’s released on DVD or better yet, on Blu-ray.  Will certainly grab a copy!

How about you?  If you’re living in the Philippines, have you, by any chance, seen the movie Amigo?  If you’re residing outside the Philippines, will you add this movie to your wishlist?

Have a great week my dear amigos!

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