Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Family's Minigolf Fun Day For The Summer

Whenever summer's here, we try to get as much fun under the sun as possible.  It doesn't take a psychology degree online to recognize the benefits that come from making time to be together. There will be plenty of rainy, snowy days later for indoor activities, such as taking massage therapy classes together --- so as of the moment, it's better to grab the sunny chance before autumn strikes in, right?

My summer 2011 has been great so far.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with Bebe’s family and some days with my friends.  There have been birthday parties, dinner dates, movie nights and nearby town visits.  Fun, fun, fun!

During the first week of July, Bebe’s older brother, along with his three lovely kids drove two hours from their city to our hometown and stayed here for two days.  Before they head home, the family decided to visit a camping site located a few minutes away from our apartment.  Inside the camping area were a couple of food shops [a restaurant and an ice cream parlor], a mini rock climbing wall, a playground and a minigolf course.  At least two hours were consumed for a minigolf competition.  Eight of us competed.  Bebe’s brother won gold, Bebe ended up on second place while I --- last! *embarrassed*

Hole!  After six tries.  Yayks!

I wonder if there’s still time for us to play minigolf again before the long cold dark winter days arrive.  Nine days from now, life’s busy days will begin kicking in --- Bebe’s back to work after a four-week vacation while I’ll be going back to school.  On a warm Saturday, perhaps?  I sure hope so!

Gotta go now… Bebe and I are flying to London tomorrow morning.  We’ll be there for a week.  Yipee!  Excited?  Yes, I am! 

Nighty nighty everyone!

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