Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Less Play. More Books.

Less Play. More Books. … this has been my status since early July.

If you are one of my adorable Facebook [FB] friends, then you are aware that I love playing a number of Facebook apps.  Perhaps, you have already noticed my absence in the world of FB gaming for about eight weeks now.

Well, despite the fact that I’ve given myself the chance to try a lot of FB games, there are only two which I’ve taken part of most of the time: Restaurant City and CityVille.  Oh by the way, one Saturday ago, my curiosity got caught on one of the newest games on FB: The Sims Social.  It is a cool game to play however, by the time I reached the level wherein I needed to send help requests to friends [in-game and by asking friends to click on a link on my wall] to help me out in certain achievements --- I realized, I needed to give the game up.  It’s just like playing CityVille, only in another platform.  It entails so much time and effort to fly up one level.

I am now on my fourth week in culinary school to which I devote most of my time reading my school books, studying for the weekly exams, mastering recipes in the school kitchen and at home and watching cooking shows where I get loads of tips.

Some of you might think that I’ve taken the “fun” out of my system by leaving my favorite FB games but NO.  Honestly, cooking in real life is more pleasurable than running my place in Restaurant City.  I am sure that you know what I mean.  *wink*

To those who’ve sent me PMs on Facebook, sure… I will still click on your “help” links on the FB News Feed Wall and in-game requests [less frequent than before though].  That’s not a problem at all.  You can still count on me guys!

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