Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Music: Elektropop by Oleg Nejlik

I was watching an episode of Swedish Idol 2011 Audition some days back.  As always, talents were overflowing.  Many performed a capella, some sang with their guitar and even a number of them came into the audition hall with their own musical compositions.  I was amazed, amazed, amazed!

Then came the next aspirant, Oleg Nejlik.  Oleg is originally from Russia who migrated to Sweden sometime in 1999 [if I remember it right].  He was on his way to Skansen Zoo to spend time with some of the animals when he passed by a huge group of people lining up for something big.  Curious, he went in and upon knowing that it was a tryout for this year’s Swedish Idol competition, he stood in line and waited patiently for his turn.  “Why not?”, were his words.

When Oleg came into the judges’ room, expectations were obviously low.  He was nervous --- it showed but he was still all smiles.  He sang a piece that he composed himself called “Elektropop” while strumming his small guitar [I don’t know what it’s called exactly.  Sorry.] :

Well, Oleg might not have the voice of Josh Groban or Rod Stewart or Bruno Mars but he does have a singing voice that is unique the Oleg way.  He charmed his way into the judges’ hearts by showing the fun side of music. 

Oleg and his “Elektropop” song became a sensation.  Barely two hours after his audition, Oleg’s Facebook Fan Page received over 20,000 fans.  Elektropop? --- it went NUMBER ONE on iTunes for days!  Awesome, isn’t it?

Elektropop is such a catchy song.  It’s cool and amusing.  It’s like listening to Parokya ni Edgar [if you’re a Filipino, then you know what I mean]!

Well, some say the song’s rubbish.  I say, it’s not.  It’s the superb definition of total entertainment.

Way to go Oleg!

Update:  Oleg Nejlik has 74,719 fans and counting.

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