Saturday, 15 October 2011

Copper Sinks–I Adore Them!

I so love watching movies with Bebe.  In some films, I can’t help but notice how beautiful a number of bathrooms are especially those with copper sinks.  I can’t remember if I’ve actually seen one personally but I so want to have one someday.


I’ve researched a little bit about the product and those who have it in their homes highly recommend it to others.  Compared to stainless steel sinks [the one we have], it is easier to care for, more effortless to clean and obviously more durable. 

MR Direct Sinks and Faucets sells the beautifully handcrafted copper sink as shown on the photo above for a really love price.  It’s naturally antibacterial, will not scratch, rust or stain for easy peasy cleaning.  Aside from all these, it’s covered by an unbelievable limited lifetime warranty.  What more can you ask for?

If ever I get the chance to own one, I’ll have mine on top of a gorgeously designed French sink vanity.  My [I mean, our] bathroom will look so elegant and lovely!  When that day comes, I don’t have to drool anymore while looking at pretty and neat bathrooms in movies.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!  Hugs from Sweden!

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