Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Stone Roses: Reunion and 2012 Concerts

If you are a fan of the UK rock band, The Stone Roses, here’s something big --- this afternoon [18th October] during a press conference held in The Soho Hotel in London , the band has announced their upcoming June 2012 concerts.


All four original band members [Ian Brown – vocalist, John Squire- guitarist, Gary Mounfield – bassist, Alan Wren – drummer] were there to let the public know about their homecoming shows at the Heaton Park in Greater Manchester on the 29th [Friday] and the 30th [Saturday] of June in which world tour follows.

I have no clue about how much the tickets are but according to the band’s official website [www.thestoneroses.org], tickets will go on sale on Friday, October 21 at 9.30AM.

Bebe so wants to fly to the UK to watch The Stone Roses perform on stage again.  He’s been a fan since the band started and does not want to miss the reunion show.  I hope both our schedules will be cleared so we can fly together.  If not, well, I hope that at least his will be okey.

Nighty nighty everyone!  I’ll be leaving you with my favorite song by The Stone Roses, Waterfall:

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