Sunday, 6 November 2011

Games: The Sims City On Facebook

The Sims City app has been on Facebook for sometime now but haven’t find the time to try it until a few minutes ago.

I gave up playing Social City and Millionaire City a long time ago and then CityVille some months back.  After months of staying away from playing games on FB, I thought that it was time to try a new one.  The Sims City it was!


First look:  The games cute just like the other ones I tried before.  Its cuteness kept me playing for minutes.

Unfortunately, I immediately noticed its similarities with Social City, Millionaire City and Cityville which bored me at once.  I stopped playing after… I don’t know… 15 or 20 minutes?Who me?

Oh my.  I think I am really getting older that I find it difficult to appreciate cute games these days.

How about you?  Do you play any city games on Facebook?  Which ones?


  1. i've heard about this on FB..,but i haven't tried yet..

  2. nga pala te maxi, yung news blog ko wala sa list dun sa food/travel blog mo..huhuh..paadd ko te please only if ur not busy na..thankie muchos!


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