Thursday, 3 November 2011

TV: Misfits Season 3. The Gang Is Back!

I had the chance to watch Misfits Season 3 Episode 1 yesterday while having dinner.  I was excited to see the mischievous gang again on telly and find out their new powers.


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The immortal Nathan Young [played by Robert Sheehan] who turns into a magician in Season 3’s online exclusive episode leaves his mates to try his magician skill in Vegas.  If you haven’t seen that 8-minute video, I suggest you watch it first before watching the first episode of the latest season.  You’ll definitely like it!

With Nathan out of the scene [I have to admit, I miss Nathan a lot on Misfits], Rudy [played by Joseph Gilgun] comes in to complete the group.  His power?  He can split into two Rudies:  one good and one not so good [not that bad either].

The pilot episode is a good one full of surprises and well… chaos!  The characters’ new powers are slowly revealed.  Here’s the Official trailer of Misfits Season 3… Enjoy!

With or without Nathan, Misfits, I have to say remains brilliant!  I love it to bits!

How about you?  Are you a Misfits fan?  Have you already seen the latest episode?

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