Sunday, 11 December 2011

Christian Bale’s Back in The Dark Knight Rises [2012]

20 July 2012 - Batman [Christian Bale] is back to once again save Gotham City from disaster in The Dark Knight Rises.  This time, The Caped Crusader will face Bane [Tom Hardy] and Selina Kyle/Catwoman [Anne Hathaway].  The Dark Knight Rises is a sequel to Batman Begins [released in 2005] and The Dark Knight [released in 2008] and is the final installment of Writer/Director Christopher Nolan’s Batman film series.


Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Morgan Freeman and Michael Cane will also join the return of Bruce Wayne.

Here’s a 1:47-minute trailer of The Dark Knight Rises… Enjoy!

The Dark Knight Rises will be released in theaters and IMAX!  I know.  July 2012 is still a long wait but I’ll definitely watch this one on IMAX with Bebe.

Have a great week ahead friends!

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