Monday, 12 December 2011

Movie: The Galaxy Defenders Return in Men in Black III

12 December 2011 - I am one  of the 400,000 plus and growing fans of the Men In Black Facebook Fan Page and it is where I’ve stumbled upon the Men in Black III trailer which has been released earlier today.

Call me dumb but I honestly did not see this one coming.  The first MIB film was released in 1997, 14 long years ago and was followed by MIB 2 in 2002.  Ten years later, Director Barry Sonnenfeld together with writer Lowell Cunningham decided to bring back the galaxy defenders, Agent K/Kevin Brown [Tommy Lee Jones] and Agent J/James Darrel Edwards III [Will Smith] in the big screen --- brilliant move, I say.

Photo credit: MIB Facebook Fan Page

Yes, yes.  I can feel your excitement but hold on… sit down and relax because MIB 3 is hitting the cinemas NOT yet.  It’s going to be shown in 3D and IMAX 3D on May 25, 2012.  As always, we have to wait and be patient.

Here’s the Men in Black 3 Official Trailer…  buckle up!

Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. wow..sounds interesting..likethe trailer;)

    visiting today x..musta jan!


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