Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TV: Misfits Season 3, Final Episode Aired. Season 4 in 2012?

The 8th and final episode of Misfits Season 3 was officially aired on December 18.  If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re planning on watching it anytime soon, I suggest you skip reading this post to avoid spoilers.  But if you’ve already checked it out, yes… I know, it’s such a sad ending, isn’t it?

The heroes - Curtis, Kelly, Simon, Alisha and Rudy
Photo credit: e4.com

The 3rd season of Misfits has been a roller coaster ride for our superheroes.  First, Nathan has decided to try his luck in Las Vegas together with his girlfriend Marnie and their Nathan Junior then came Rudy to fill in the emptiness Nathan has left behind.  I have had quite a difficult time embracing Rudy’s character especially during the pilot episode of season 3 but after that, oh my… I’ve realized that Rudy’s a great addition to the gang!

On Season 3’s Final Episode --- so yeah, it’s painful to see our superheroes go with such a tragic ending.  Alisha’s death leaves Simon with no other option but to go back in time, make Alisha fall in love with him all over again and in the end save her from dying.  It’s totally a very sweet love story the two have  in there but will Alisha and Simon stay caught in their never-ending love loop or will they find the perfect solution so they can rejoin the gang one more time? 

Alisha Bailey [Antonia Thomas], Simon Bellamy [Iwan Rheon] and Rudy Wade [Joseph Gilgun]
Photo credit: Misfits Facebook Fan Page

If you are curious, Rudy, Kelly and Curtis WILL absolutely RETURN for Misfits Season 4 sometime in 2012.  As for Alisha and Simon, I have no idea if they will appear in season 4.  It could be that season 3 is the end for our favorite lovebirds, Simon and Alisha [thank you James Rennie for the info].  As for Nathan, there are no news yet about his return, but we’ll see.  I haven’t seen any leaks yet on when it will be exactly but here’s a newsflash that I’ve found on the Facebook Fan Page of Misfits:

NEWSFLASH: We can confirm that Misfits will be returning for Series 4 next year. Oh, and the series 3 finale is on in 1 hour on E4. #doublewin

All we have to do at the moment is to relax and wait for our uniquely twisted heroes to return on telly next year.  Hopefully, Simon and Alisha will find a way to free themselves from being trapped in the past.

Ciao for now!  Hope everyone’s having a fascinating week!


  1. Can't wait for season 4! :)

    1. Same here. I really hope that season 4 will be released soon :)

  2. Omg!! Definately, its like im loosing my mind not knowing!!


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